Code of Conduct

Striving for Excellence
Kaitiakitanga     Manaakitanga     Rangatiratanga     Whanaungatanga

Positive Behaviour for Learning and the Classroom Culture is developed and sustained through:

  • The practice of our School Values on a daily basis
  • Meeting school/classroom expectations (rules / class treaty etc.)
  • Setting short and long term goals and reflecting daily on their learning
  • Modelling expected behaviours
  • Scaffolding positive behaviour and learning the steps to follow

Behavioural Guidelines – Unacceptable Behaviour in the Classroom or Technocraft Room

AT CLASSROOM LEVEL:             What is inappropriate behaviour?


  • Bullying in class / or classmates outside of school hours
  • Breaking Class Treaty
  • Disrespectful/back chatting
  • Inattentive
  • Distracting others
  • Incomplete work
  • Non-compliant
  • Swearing
  • Fighting
  • Lying
  • Inciting others
  • Stealing
  • Shows no respect for others


  • Nail polish & make-up
  • Wrong uniform
  • Playing inappropriate games inside
  • Chewing Gum/lollies
  • Leaving the class without permission
  • Being out of bounds
  • Littering
  • Breaking Trust Class during lunchtime
  • Taking things without permission
  • Inappropriate jewellery
  • Late to class
  • Graffiti

Who deals with the behaviour?


  1. Classroom or Technocraft Teacher
  2. Senior Teacher of Area or Technocraft

What are the agreed consequences:
(In order…)

  1. Restorative Chat with punitive consequences that will be followed through by the teacher:
    • Apology to restore the harm
    • In class/ area lunchtime detention
    • Withdraw privileges
    • Put on daily report
    • Miss out on trips etc
  2. Removed from the classroom for a specific amount of time Refer to the Classroom Teacher or Senior Teacher for Restorative Circle.
  3. Phone call home to Parent when the behaviour is unsafe or when this has previously been agreed between the parent & teacher
    Incident recorded on ETAP


Classroom Teacher or Technocraft Teacher

  1. Remind student of class Treaty, School expectations etc.
  2. Restorative Chat with punitive consequences that will be followed through by the teacher:
    • Apology to restore the harm
    • Writing out the class treaty
    • Made to stay behind to finish work etc.

Behavioural Guidelines – Unacceptable Behaviour beyond the classroom and technocraft room

When should the behaviour be referred to the AP or DP?

  • When the severity level is higher.
  • The behaviour happens outside the classroom.
  • The incident has been referred by the senior teacher after exhausting all above, (at classroom level), consequences etc.
    • Swearing at another person/s
    • Left the School without permission
    • Fighting
    • Bullying
    • Self harming
    • Evidence there may be abuse from others
    • Non – compliance with reasonable request
    • Safety of other students is at risk
      Serious harassment of others
    • Wagging school
    • Persistent non-compliance with class/school rules, ie. not being in correct school uniform almost everyday
    • School bus issues
    • Inciting others to break school rules
    • Persistently showing disrespectful behaviour

What are the agreed consequences:
(In order…)

  1. Time Out of the playground – JMAC
  2. Restorative Chat and /or circle
  3. Meeting with the parent / caregiver
  4. Referral to Health nurse, RTLB
  5. In school stand down
  6. Incident recorded on ETAP

Behavioural Guidelines – Severe Behaviour resulting in immediate action

When should the behaviour be referred to the Principal?

  • When the behaviour is severe and the AP or DP are not available
  • When the behaviour justifies an immediate removal from regular classroom instruction
  • When the safety of students and staff has been compromised
    • Causing harm and compromising the safety of others in the school
    • Fighting / assault
    • Vandalism
    • School graffiti
    • Truancy
    • Bringing dangerous objects or substances to school
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Severe cases of abuse (including self harm and abuse from others)
    • Severe cases of harassment, bullying and disrespectful behaviour, (including online abuse)
    • Smoking
    • Arson
    • Accusations of others, including staff members which could lead to severe consequences

What are the agreed consequences:
(In order…)

  1. Removal from regular classroom instruction
  2. Meeting with the parent / caregiver / teacher
  3. Restorative Chat circle and/or conference
  4. Referral to CYFs, Ministry etc.
  5. In school or formal stand down
  6. Meeting with BOT for possible suspension