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Kaitiakitanga – Guardianship, Protecting, Nurturing

In our school we are the guardians, protectors and nurturers of all things and the connections between them.

Manaakitanga – Kindness, Respect, Service

In our school this means showing genuine kindness, care and respect for the good of self, others and the environment.  We value and care for others through our words and actions.  We use our gifts and talents for the good of others.

Rangatiratanga -Leadership, Team Building, Collaboration

In our school we lead, guide and keep people together.  We also have the ability to lead others to their own rangatiratanga by nurturing them, empowering them and enhancing their mana.

Whanaungatanga – Relationships, Community, Family

In our school we honour who we are and where we come from.  We create a safe learning environment, where we all discover our strengths and interests, and we take calculated risks to make progress.


Guiding Principles

  • High expectations – Support and empower all students to learn and achieve personal excellence.
  • Treaty of Waitangi – Acknowledge the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and biculturalism.
  • Cultural diversity – Reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity and value the culture, language and traditions of all students.
  • Inclusion – Recognize and affirm all students’ identities, languages, abilities, and talents and meet their learning needs.
  • Learning to learn – Encourage all students to reflect on their own learning and to learn how to learn.
  • Community engagement – Connect with and engage the support of families, whānau, and communities.
  • Coherence – Offer a broad, connected curriculum which provides coherent transitions and pathways to further learning.
  • Future focus -Encourage students to look to the future by exploring issues such as sustainability, citizenship, enterprise, and globalisation.


Charter 2019



Charter 2019
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Kaitiakitanga (pdf - 247 KB)
Manaakitanga (pdf - 234 KB)
Rangatiratanga (pdf - 257 KB)
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WIS Charter 2017
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WIS Charter 2018
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