All our facilities and resources, academic, sporting or for social skills building, are age-specific, and support the learning, development and interests of pre-adolescents.

School facilities include: school gym, fitness adventure playground, digital technologies, a fully-equipped technology centre, an amazing Library,  state of the art modern learning environment classroom block.

School Library

  • Modern and well-equipped, the exciting learning hub of the school.
  • Resources and books especially for Intermediate-aged students.
  • $5000 a year spent on books specifically to support learning for this age group.
  • Excellent place for research and study for Inquiry Learning.
  • Jam-packed with the best in literature for young minds.

The School Marae

  • Used for teaching Tikanga Māori: culture and protocol.
  • All new students and staff are welcomed onto the marae at the start of the year.
  • A variable teaching and learning space and meeting room for everyone.

School Gym

  • A huge all-weather indoor sports facility for our students.
  • Well-equipped for sports and physical education.

ICT & Digital Learning

  • Computer Suite
  • Netbooks and Chromebooks in classrooms.
  • Interwrite Electronic Whiteboards in all classrooms.
  • Oticon to assist hearing in classrooms.

J.Mac (Jean MacArthy Centre)

  • A variable teaching/learning space
  • Used for dance, drama, Student Council meetings, Chess Club, exam room and as a professional development and meeting centre for teachers.

School van

  • Our 10-seater van provides transport for students to sporting and cultural activities.