Wharemaire/Room 7 End of Term 3 Reflection Evaluations

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 28 Sep 2018
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Kā Kite Term 3

So another term is about to end and I’m excited for it to end. This term has been alright but I think I could’ve made this term better for myself if I’d had better behaviour. But that’s beside the point, in this term we have been going hard at things like our academics and sports. I liked this term the best because I don’t remember having any tests and I like that because I don’t like tests.

One thing we’ve been doing this term for our academics is informative writing and that’s when we wrote a piece of writing that is informing someone with straight facts and no opinions. This was quite a challenge but I still managed to do the task. It’s been fun learning about different types of writings this term because it helps us to become a better writer.

For reading, we have been looking for the author’s main purpose in a piece of their writing. I know I did well doing the task because I could find the main purpose with ease. The main purposes are usually to persuade, inform or to entertain. For maths, we have been doing area workshops and I enjoy them because it gives us a chance to work with other people around our area.

This term with my goals, I don’t think I was able to accomplish all of them but I did well with most of them. One of my goals was to manage myself but I didn’t do it well because this term I let myself get easily distracted but most of all, I distracted others. I’m going to do my best next term to manage my behaviour and myself.

This term we had Mr. CJ having full control in class for 5 weeks but he’s been teaching our class throughout the year. It was good having him in our class because I like the way he teaches and he makes a special bond with each of us in class. He keeps a good vibe when he teaches in class because he makes sure we do the work but he also tries to make the work fun. I like that we had Mr. CJ in our class and I hope that he keeps on teaching us until the end of the year.

Another thing I’ve been doing this term is Basketball, I enjoy playing the sport and I play for the top basketball team in the school and in Week 10 on Wednesday I’m going to the ASB Arena to play in the inter-intermediate basketball tournament for the school as well. I hope to do well in this tournament and come back to school with the 1st place trophy. I can’t wait until the basketball season starts up again next term because I enjoy playing with other people to compare their skills to mine.

Overall this term went well but a goal for next term is to be good and be on task and not to get distracted but most of all, I don’t want to distract others as that will affect their learning and my learning as well. So I’m gonna do my best to manage myself. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings for me. – Christian

End Of Term 3 Blog

It’s the ending of term 3 and I’m not actually looking forward to the holidays, 2 long weeks of holiday and I’m probably going to spend most of my time playing on PlayStation. I’ve completed almost all of the work that I needed to finish so I’m not that worried about if I have not finished everything, and there is also EOTC coming up soon so that’s one thing I’m looking forward to at the end of the term.

We have done the production and honestly I wasn’t that scared, because the lights were so bright that I couldn’t see the crowd, but I did kind of get a headache from how many fizzy drinks I had. But it was still a fun night for all of us.

This term we have not done any tests yet and we have been learning all sorts with Mr. CJ we have done tessellations, Geometry, translation, reflection, rotation and a lot of other things, so I’m hoping that I’m somewhat prepared for term 4 testing. My writing I think is improving and we have been doing Explanation and informative writing the informative piece was kind of easy to do because we basically just had to gather information about our subject then write that information into our own words. For reading, we are doing a critical reading where we evaluate an author’s support for a point and determine whether that support is solid or not.

Throughout this term Mr.CJ has helped with many things in our classroom like helping with the production and getting the T-shirts ready for us and I think that he’s been a great help inside of our classroom and I find that his teaching has made a great improvement in my learning so I’m hoping that he comes back next term to teach us more.

Goals for next term: To complete my key Competencies goals by the end of the year
To improve with my writing and get at least a 4P by the end of the year. – Devaux.G

Term 3 has been ok, it has been short, well it felt short. We have one more week till the end of the erm then 1 more term. we had the fun run, Mr .CJ (masters student teacher) was teaching us for 5 weeks and we had our school cultural concert so we spent time practicing our dances.

Academics – For maths, we did a lot of angles this term. We have been working on geometry learning all about angles 2d and also 3d and the names of them. For workshop maths, we have been learning about denominators and numerators. In Writing we have been doing informative writing and also persuasive writing at first I did not want to do it because we had to do 5 paragraphs for informative writing but now I know how to do it its a lot easier we had to use a burger planning sheet. Last but not least reading. For reading we did a piece of reading about racism it was very hard it was for adults but I got it done it took ages most of the morning. – Jayden

The end of the third term, there’s almost nothing to write about, well what I mean by that you probably read my other blogs, you know, end of term 1 blog, end of term 2 blogs, mid-year blog and end of term 3 blogs. All of those times at least 20, you will at least get about (including term 3 ones)80 blogs, a lot of blogs if u ask me anddddddd to, top it all off, they have about, anything from 95 or 98 words to a, mind-blogging, 1,000 WORDS, come on and there’s more to come, of term 4 blog, end of year blog, etc (blog). This blog already has over 115 words. What did u say m8? Anddd boom done, finished. Btw this blog now has over 140 words, Wow a lot of words – Ryan 

Class production

We had the class production concert in the hall and the expeditions in the gym and the marare, my favorite expeditions were in the gym. I’m not going to say my personal favorite for certain reasons but they were all amazing and everyone did a great job at making them. Staying in room 15 was so boring we weren’t allowed to go outside of the classroom or anything and we had to do practically nothing for about an hour. I was lucky I had brung my phone charger otherwise my phone would have been dead for sure. When it came to our turn to perform everybody was nervous but we did well and did a 110% effort and we all had fun and get ice cream from Mr. CJ.


We’re doing critical reading for shared reading and I’m getting pretty good at it. We’re finishing geometry in pangarau and revising all the things we have done with geometry this term. In homeroom maths, we are also working on geometry and have almost finished it in homeroom as well. For writing, we just started going over explanation writing. – Cole

Holidays are near

For academics, in writing, I am creating a burger plan for my explanation writing. The task for the explanation writing is to write about what I’m gonna do after I leave school. My plan is to graduate first and then go to university and study to become a doctor. For reading, I am learning about critical reading. I learned the meaning of propaganda and the common propaganda techniques bandwagon, testimonial, transfer, plain folks, name calling, and glittering generalities. For maths, in geometry, I’ve learned about transformation; translation, rotation, reflection, and dilation.

In technocraft, I’m onto my second to last tech, Music. At first I thought it would be very boring but actually, it’s very fun. In music, we have been learning to play the guitar, piano, and ukulele. We also have been looking at world music from Indonesia, India, Africa, Scotland, Brazil. My favorite part was learning how to play the ukulele because I already knew how to play it. My least favorite was learning how to play guitar because my fingertips really hurt from the strings.

For topic inquiry this term, my class has been finding turangawaewae. Turangawaewae means “a place to stand”. Turanga as “standing place” and waewae as “feet”. For my turangawaewae I was talking about where my parents were born, what makes me, me, what & who makes me happy and I was also researching the history of Wainuiomata. I learned wainuiomata means ‘wai’ (water) ‘mui’ (big) o (of) and ‘mata’ (which refers to a woman is near).

Key competencies, I have 2 goals. Relating to others and participating and contributing. I have made progress on my participating and contributing by putting my hand up in class work, P.E. Relating to others, I’m still understanding it and what it means. – Maliana


This term for my academics has been pretty good. My writing is surely knocking on level 6, I know this because in class we have been doing an exceptional amount of writing. Maths, this term for maths has been going great for me, I understand a lot of the work that is given to me and I feel very confident in my Maths and my abilities. Reading, I like reading now a lot more than I did at the start of the year anyway. My reading has shot up from the beginning of the year, and I’m very proud of myself for that.


On Tuesday the 17th of September 2018, most of the year 8’s got their injections. Personally, it hurt a lot!! Symptoms of the injection were Swelling, dizziness, heavy arm,  possible vomiting, and headache. I had a heavy arm for a very long time and dizziness. Some people are going to the doctor for their injections mostly just because they don’t want to get it at school for reasons I’m not going to name. Yet the pain possibly was worth it, the injection was to protect us from disease, and bad viruses.


For the past 6+ weeks, we have been working on a little dance that we performed on Wednesday 18th of September 2018 the songs that we danced to were popular and for our culture. The songs were Riverdale Song, Waka Waka, Yodeling, and G.O.A.T. (In that order).

Some dances were made up and then taught to the rest of the class. 2-3 weeks before the production we had to change and switch a song because another class had already got that song (Kiki, by Drake) Which then we switched Kiki for G.O.A.T the dance was made up by someone else but we just changed a few moves around.

Informative Writing: Also for a few weeks our class was working on Informative Writing, the whole class got to pick any topic and write about that specific topic. I like when we do this type of writing because it gives us a chance to write about the things we like, or the stuff we are passionate about. I enjoyed this task and I know I did great with the facts and paraphrasing my work. – Ilyse

This term the class and I have been doing geometry in math and in that, we have been doing angles, perimeter,2d,3d, and transformation

In writing we have been doing informative writing informative writing is easy when you know what you are doing

In reading, we have been learning to decipher propaganda detect fact and opinion and read about racism

In class we just did production and it was hyped and I think everyone loved it I got to dance and I did hype in the dance when the boys got to freestyle that night went quite well and I had fun witch is not bad when you don’t like dancing.

My goals are quite simple and i think i could do them

One of my goals are i want to be in a water hockey team from what i seen it is really fun and i hope to get in a team; 2. Improve my lung capacity 3.Improve my lung capacity 4.Become a better swimmer 5. Swim more often. – Charlie

One More Term To Go😃

Academics: For Writing, we are learning Explanation Writing. We are writing about what we want to be when we grow up. I want to be a famous chef. I want to be a famous chef because I love being in the kitchen and generally just cooking. In Reading, I’m working on Critical Reading. The 6 most common Propaganda techniques are bandwagon, testimonial, transfer, plain folks, name calling and glittering generalities.

Technocraft: Currently I’m in Music. Our Music teacher is Miss Lyndsay. So far we have learned how to play the keyboard and a bit of the guitar🎸. My favourite is the keyboard because it’s less complicated for me. I really want to learn how to transition on the guitar easily. Hopefully next in tech I have woodwork because it just seems it would be really fun to do.

Basketball: In P.E we are working on Basketball. I don’t really like basketball but I’ve learnt that you can’t just run with the ball you have to dribble the ball, you also can use the backboard when you shoot the ball in the hoop. I don’t really get how there’s such a rule called ten-second violation or dribble violation, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

Cultural Concert: On Tuesday and Wednesday our school ran a cultural concert. On Tuesday night our school band, kapa haka and some classes performed. And on Wednesday Pasifika, school band Room 7 and Room 15 performed. Not only on those nights was the concerts other classes made an exhibition on different cultures. The exhibitions were set up in the gym and Marae. – Arimawha

Reflection Evaluation Blog



I am doing fine with all of my Academic goals and  I know that I need to listen and follow instructions. For Reading I am doing fine with my Reading goals because I have been using Punctuation in Reading. I am doing alright with my Writing goals because I have been putting ideas down when I have something in my head then it could be an idea or a question then I could write it down on a piece of paper. I am doing okay with my Maths goals because I can kinda perform calculations with time including a 24 – hour clock. I need to keep following my learning and key competencies  goals because I haven’t been following my Key Competencies/social goals that much.


On Tuesday and Wednesday Wainuiomata Intermediate had a Production Room 7,room 11 and Pacifica performed on Wednesday and the other classes and Kapa Haka performed on Tuesday. When it was the day for Room 7, room 11 and Pacifica to perform on Wednesday we (Room 7) had to go to Room 15 because that was our green room.Mr. Syph put on a movie while we were waiting to go on stage and waiting for the rest of the class the movie that Mr Syph put on for us was Shrek.I really enjoyed the movie because it was funny.When it was time to go on stage I was Nervous and scared because I had butterflies in my stomach.So we waited until Asharna and Greg walked on the stage and did their speech so when it was time to dance my friends started to cheer for me when  I was dancing on the stage.When it was the yodelling kid song I was doing the hype and I just went hard.


So for Matauranga Maori – Turangawaewae we (room 7) had to choose a topic to do on our own personal slide.For my Matauranga Maori – Turangawaewae I am doing mine for my family and my culture/ethnicity. I also put a lot of clips on my Turangawaewae slide like Samoan Movies, Samoan national anthem, Samoan hand tattoos, Samoan malu and Samoan Pe’a all of those are what’s on my slide for Turangawaewae. The next and final thing that I am going to put on my slide is facts. I am impressed with my slide because I have been working hard on my Turangawaewae -Leincohne 


For the last week for writing, I started a burger plan to set out what I’m going to write about (what I’m going to be/do when I grow up). For math, geometry, I have learned about transformation: translation, rotation, reflection, and dilation. For reading, I have been doing a critical reading. In critical reading, I am reading a text about racism in the country. I also learned about propaganda and also common techniques used like bandwagon, testimonial, transfer, plain folks, name calling, glittering generalities.

The key competencies are: Thinking, managing self, relating to others, participating and contributing, and using language symbols and text, but the ones I have been focusing on are managing self and participating and contributing.

Technocraft – For term 3, my technocraft group is doing music. The first instrument that we have learned is the Piano but only certain songs. We also learned how to play the ukulele and the guitar. Another activity that we did was called ‘world music’, world music meant that we would do a certain country’s instrument that they use and comment on how it sounds and looks. My favorite part was the guitar because I learned something new by learning the chords and a little bit of the songs.

Cultural Concert – On Wednesday the 19th of September W.I.S had their 2nd concert. Pacifica, W.I.S band, Room 11 and Room 7 performed all different types of dances and song. My class, Room 7, did 4 songs:  Waka Waka, Riverdale dance, Yodeling kid song, and G.O.A.T. All thanks to the year 8 girls, who came up with most of the dance moves, it went very well and everyone had an amazing time😊. – Tameka

This is now the end of term three and where Marie seven has just finished our performance in the school production. We started off with an introduction which was read by me and another student. I do not like speaking in front of large audiences and I don’t think I am very good at it, but I had to do it for the class. After the intro, we had to quickly get in position for our dances and we got through the whole thing without any technical difficulties or mistakes but we had a close call when I nearly drop one of the dances. After the whole performance, was very relieved and happy with how it went.

I had recently had my high school visit with the principle. She asked me things like what I find interesting, what responsibilities are I have at the intermediate and other things I want the high school to know about me. We discussed what I might be interested in while I attend there and what roles I can take during my time there. I am looking forward towards high school.

Our class has recently taken part in our school’s interclass Ki o Rahi tournament and I was part of our team. We played well and earnt many points. We made it to the semi-final against room thirteen to find out who will face T.K.T in the final. We started the first half in the lead but we were slowly dropping back and in the end, we sadly lost. It was a great day and I really enjoyed it.

– Greg, Term 3



After 10 weeks of playing hard, working smart and loving life, our class has come successfully this term. I have finally ended the term with success. I have done, not a lot but a few great things this term. Let’s go back in time to the beginning of the term!

We learned about measurements, shapes, degrees, protractors, and way more. In maths, we learned how to translate, transform, reflect, and rotate. In maths workshops, we have been learning about fractions, decimals, percentages, and rounding numbers.

In writing, we Improved a lot more punctuation, ideas, author’s purpose, P.I.E (Persuasive Informative Entertain), writing conventions, paraphrasing, and explanation which lead up to preparing for the term 4 test.

I have learned and completed my learning/KC (Key Competencies) goals for reading. In reading I learned to identify keywords, FUA’s (Follow Up Activity/s), informative, we are doing critical reading were we evaluate an author’s support for a point and determine whether that support is solid or not from reading/writing slides I have learned.

Ki-O-Rahi we played really well as a team but sadly lost 13-9 and came 3rd. We had Mr.CJ and to be honest some kids were very disrespectful to him, but he finished whatever he finished and did well to stay calm and just teach. He was only in sole charge for 5 weeks. We have finished a lot of work at this point of the year. We also finished production with an amazing performance. For PE (Physical Education) we focused on skills in Netball, Basketball, and Volleyball.

My goals are to improve on identifying keywords in reading, write and solve whole number/decimal problems for maths, make sure there is variety in my writing as well. But my main goal is to “Work Smart, Play Hard, Love Life! – Jedidiah

Term 3 excitements

Cultural Concert – This year I was so pleased to be able to perform and create an item in this year’s cultural concert also called production. The culture concert is an annual concert held over two nights where classes, Kapa Haka and Pasifika come together and create a show for family and friends. Unfortunately, I was away for Polyfest so this was my first ever time performing in Kapa Haka and I was so excited to do so. I also got to perform in our Room 7 item which myself and the other year 8 girls got to choreograph and put together. When the night of the concert came our class were all so excited we got into our tie dye costumes and went on stage me and Greg introduced our item then we were away!

Technocraft – For technocraft this term I have been in Art and half of cooking. In art, our main focus was our wood printing. We choose a celebrity (I chose Ariana Grande) and carved an image of her onto a wood block and then painted the black and stamped it onto paper. For cooking, we have various items such as; Pancakes, Fried Bread, Frittata, Pizza etc. Next term we’ll continue cooking and make other interesting dishes. Maths Workshops – Maths wks is a series of classes which you do one of a term where you learn maths according to your level. I think it’s good because you can work with people who are at your pace and are focusing on the same math topic. There are 5 classes/levels and am currently in Mr Kauone/Mr Cj’s math class which is the highest level at level 4 / 5. We are currently learning converting decimals, percentages, and fractions as well as learning about integers. Next term I will be in Mrs Vaa class because students rotate teachers so we get to experience different teaching styles.  – Asharna 


It feels good to be in a class that does good learning I like it in my new class 😊 I have been in this class for a term I like it. We do heaps of maths and reading and writing and literacy and topic inquiry.

Maths – I like to do maths it’s not heaps but I do like it we have been learning about shapes-volume perimeter outlines 13 haves, extra… we are doing a worksheet that we have to reflect rotate extra it’s really fun LI We are learning to transform shapes across a grid of the worksheet we go to other classes for maths sometimes and the other teachers teach the classroom kids im in room five my old CLASS well it depends what level you’re on for maths im on 3-4 that’s not to bad if i say my self. Other people can be on level 4-5 2-3 3-4 extra.

Writing – I am writing about honey bees for topic writing we have to do facts and history about our them I picked honey bees I wrote about honey bees about their history and facts and life cycle and we might be starting a piece of writing about what we want to be when we’re older I’m good at writing but not so good at SPELLING I’m not so good at it but I still keep on writing. I like writing it’s like I can express myself I love writing stories about yourself and how you tell the story it can be interesting and mean or nice or a mixture of stuff and emojis like this: {😂😃😄😎😌😋😉😈😇😅😏😑😒😓😠😡😢😱😭😷🙀😾😜😝😞😠😖😖😻😿} See

Reading – I’m good at reading I can read a page of  chapter book in maybe 10sc or 20sc tops I’m really fast at reading I understand the words and what they mean i’m reading at the moment world’s worst kids and NZ kiwis it’s a good book.it’s about NZ girls/women  has done something good for people like they have stand up for themselves like tofor racism like Ahumai te paerata she was an warrior clickon the link for story and another brave woman is nancy wake she was a spy click on name for full story and the bravest of all Lisa tamati she is a runner she was the bravest of all  click on name for full story. I have another book  the world’s worst children 3  by david Williams ill tell u some of the people in the book there is Walter the wasp he’s too smart for me bonnie bossy pants guess and vain valentine the gets all the notes. – Lucy