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Ko te whare e tu nei, Ko Te Manawa o Te Kahui Tamariki, tena koe.

Te marae e takoto nei, Ko Te Tapiri, tena koe.

E nga mate, haere, haere, haere.

Ki nga Rangatira, nga kaumatua me nga matua hoki, mihi mai, mihi atu.

Tena tatou katoa.


My First Reflection Evaluation

I thought that intermediate was going to be hard, Academic wise. I thought I was going to be below in everything. But I’m FINE (Totally )… I was nervous about the first day of school.

The first impression I had of Mr Kauone was that he was strict and yelled heaps. But I was wrong. He is pretty strict though and has a little sense of humour. He also tells a lot of jokes and tells loads of stories too. My learning is alright. I’m on level 5 or 6 in Basic Facts. I’m at a 12 year old level in spelling and my Aunty says my Maori pronunciation is improving. My goals this year are to learn to speak maori fluently – ish and learn to get better at math.

I’m doing alright in class. I’ve made a couple of friends and I think my class is cool. We have a table tennis table and a dart board but it’s not up yet. I like kapa haka, the waiata we sing and Ms. Brown too. Ms Brown was my mum’s teacher. My mom, my aunty and my uncle were in TKT, as well. I think I’m going to fit in just fine in TKT. -Bonnie 

 2019 is finally here!!

Kia ora my name is Malia and welcome to my first blog. It has been six weeks of school holidays and now we’re back to reading, writing and maths. On the first day of school, we welcomed the year 7s into the school. I saw some strange but smart looking faces.

It has been a good start with my new teacher Mr Kauone who seems like an amazing teacher already! He always tells us to keep trying and doesn’t give up, he’s the kinda teacher that pushes you to give everything a go. Overall it’s been great. Now that we have no year 8s to look up to it’s our turn to lead by example. – Malia

Tuakana Stepping Up as A Leader

2019 is here-It’s been an alright start to the year because this year we have been learning some good stuff with our teacher Mr Kauone and Mr Kauone is a pretty funny guy to learn with. Last year it was awesome with the year 8s because we were learning and having fun but now us year 8s in 2019 have to move on and step up as leaders and show the year 7s what to do so next year they can step up and show their leadership for the next year 7s coming to intermediate next year. – Terangianiwaniwa

My First 2019 Blog

Kia ora and Talofa, welcome to my first blog for 2019. This year has been great so far and Mr Kauone is funny and always working hard to teach us so we learn and get better in all areas of school. It’s been six weeks of the holidays and now we are back to school working to improve our reading, writing and maths.

The year 7s are cool, sporty and funny, I like helping most of the years 7s with their work and teaching them about our school Marae and its Tikanga.

In school so far it’s good and I’m doing good with my spelling but not really good with my Maths. This year I know I’m going to learn more and do well. – Natalea

Kia ora, hello and this is my first blog for 2k19.

These few weeks have been good so far with Mr Kauone. He is funny, strange and is always pushing me and the class to do our best no matter what mood we’re in. The holidays are over and it’s time to get back to work like reading, writing and maths.

The year 8’s are funny, sporty and I really look up to some of them, I like listening to the year 8’s talk about our marae. Most of the year 8’s are really funny and nice but mostly funny.  How I’m doing in school so far is alright, I’m doing good with my spelling so far I guess but I’m doing okay with my Maths too. I’m really looking forward to this year and I really hope to learn more! – Jaylyn


Its week 2 term 1. The year has started off alright I guess. I wasn’t that nervous on the first day but more excited to find out who was in my class. We have already talked about the Tiriti o Waitangi and have done a lot of testing. I didn’t do very well in the tests though.

Mr Kauone has a weird personality and can be funny sometimes. He is very determined to help us improve and be the best that we can be. I think this year is going to be good and I’m going to learn heaps. – Fanua

2019 is here!!

Kia ora and welcome to my first blog. We were on holiday for six weeks and now we are back to learning. On my first day of school i got told to do the karanga for our school powhiri to welcome all of the year 7s to our school. I didn’t want to do the karanga at first but I did it because no one else wanted to.

It has been an alright start to the year with Mr Kauone. He is a strange teacher but he likes to joke around with us. The year 8s from last year are gone so now we have to step up and show kaitiakitanga, manaakitanga, whanaungatanga and rangatiratanga -Manaia

2019 Blog TKT Reflection Evaluation

Hi my name is Montelle and this is my first 2019 blog. On Monday we did a Powhiri, welcome for all the new year 7s. Now we’re with a strange teacher his name is Mr Kauone, he is funny and he tells jokes and when people are being silly he calls us noodle.

He makes us work hard so that we do our work but that’s good. Now that last years year 8s are gone, we the new 2019 year 8s and have to Mana Up and step up and be role models for our year 7s and the whole school. Thank you for reading my first blog. –Montelle  

My First Blog 2019

It’s week 3 term 1. So far it’s been good. On the first day I was shy but when Mr Kauone said not to be whakama. I got over it the thing about Mr Kauone is he’s really funny I thought he was going to be mean but he’s kind. How I’m doing well so far, I’m going good with my maths but not good with my spelling but I’m hoping that I get better at my spelling. Hows the year 8’s and Mr Kauone? The year 8’s are cool but some are annoying but I’m going to miss some of them when they go just some. Mr Kauone he is funny but weird at the same time. – Ramari

2019 Is Here

Kiora/Malo e lelei/Talofa/Hi/Chur my name is Rhobe-Jaexoynn. I like W.I.S because I like doing kapa haka and I like that we have a microwave in TKT and our teacher is Mr Kauone. Mr Kauone is pretty funny and a little bit strange and a bit angry but still he’s cool.

I’ve made some friends in my classroom already and I like that we have 3 couches in our class and a game of table tennis too.

My favorite activity is P.E because it is slick. For Reading/Math/Writing I really need to get better because at the start of the year I was not too good but that’s because I’ve been schooled in a Maori full immersion school but I know I will get better throughout my two years in Te Kahui Tamariki. – Rhobe-Jeaxoynn

My Blog 2k19

Kia ora my is manaia and i was doing good in my six weeks of holiday spending personal time with family but I’m grown up and i need to go back to school and get my a into g and learn.

But then i got pulled into this old and boring class with an old and mean looking teacher named Mr Kauone. But the more you get to know him the more you get to know he just here for us and making sure that we can get the best out of our education.

All the year sevens looked confused and shy but we’re alright this term. The year eights on the other hand are great, funny, helpful and they are our leaders. – Manaia

TKT Reflection Evaluation 2019…

Kia ora my name is Kahurangi  and I’m in TKT with Mr Kauone and he is funny and he tells some funny jokes but sometimes his jokes are not funny or I just don’t get it. We did a powhiri for the year 7s in the hall. Mr Kauone push us to do the best we can do and being year 8 this year is cool and all of us need to step up for the year 7s and show Manaakitanga Whanaungatanga and Kaitiakitanga so they can do the same when they are year 8s next year.

Being In TKT is cool it was my class last year now I’m in TKT this year with the boys from last year Being in Kapa Haka is cool. Im year 8 so I need to help the year 7s if they are stuck on there work in TKT so they can help the year 7s when they are year 8s next year.Thanks for listening to my Blog. – Kahurangi

TKT Blog 

Hi my name is Keira, welcome to my first blog of 2019. Welcoming the year 7s was cool because I saw a lot of familiar faces. Mr Kauone is our teacher he tells stories a lot, and jokes. He’s a little bit strict but he encourages you to do your work as good as you can. – Kiera 

Reflection* Evaluation*2019

Heya my name is Iziah and this is my term 1 R*E** of 2019. So when I first started at intermediate I thought it would be horrible making new friends but it wasn’t it was actually fun. Also my teacher Mr Kauone is hilarious he tells us great stories about when he came to new zealand Our work at intermediate isn’t any harder than work at primary. For the first week, we did sports for PE. For sports we did Long jump Shot Put Discus and more.

My class TKT is a Māori unit and its full with weird people besides Mr Kauone and the other teacher in our class Ms Sapphire. So in the end it’s been a good start to the year Iziah out.-Iziah

My blog

So i went on a pig hunt with my uncles/koros and we got a big fat one so we could feed the whanau. The i had to looked after my nan while she was sick. We had whakamoemiti church and service every night. Then I helped dig a grave hole for my nan. So i had more kai for the whanau to eat when they were hungry. I helped out in the kitchen the whanau for nans tangi like help make the food cleaned the wharekai. – Matthew

2019 Is Here!!

Kia Ora, welcome to my first blog for 2019. This year I’m in TKT with the same teacher from last year, Mr Kauone. On the first day it was really weird seeing all the new year 7’s. After welcoming all of the new year 7’s in the hall, TKT year 8s welcomed TKT’s new year 7’s.

So far my class is alright. I miss most of the year 8’s from last year. So far this year we’ve done heaps of tests. I’m spelling at a 14 year old. I’m at level 6/7 in maths and for our algebra pre test I got a 4P. I think 2019 will be alright I guess.

Kapa Haka is pretty good this year. Ms Brown decided to change the girls Haka. So far the Haka seems a little complicated but I’m sure that I’ll get the hang of it.  – Arimawha

Kaimana blog 2k19

In the past 2 weeks l have been with 2  classes. Now l am in TKT with Mr Kauone and do not mess with Mr Kauone or he will get angry. At the start of TKT l thought I was gonna quit but l knew l could make it and in two days l got confident and started making friends. l love life and l can’t wait to see what happens next. – Kaimana


Back to school getting welcomed to Wainui Intermediate I was really shy getting welcomed. I was confused about what to do, I really wanted to go home. BUT I still had to stay while waiting with other students as we got on together we all got called into our class and I Got into TKT.

Week 2 in TKT our teacher Mr Kauone has a strange but funny sense of humor and a very encouraging person and my classroom is really cool. I’m doing fine in maths and spelling I thought I would do bad but NO I did good. -Therese

2019 Is Here

When i first came to this school i was sweet i was not shock and the yr 8s welcome us yr 7s in the hall and its come to a end us yr 8s have to step up now and show Whanaungatanga, Rangatiratanga, Manaakitanga, Kaitiakitanga and i have to  achieve my goals this year to get the sports award. i’m in mr Kauone class he’s a funny teacher He always tell us loads and loads of stories about himself when the year 7s came to this school and us yr 8s had to welcome them to our school. -Antwon

My first blog of 2K19

How am i going so far? well i am doing good a lot better than last year,i have made some new friends and my teacher is cool his name is mr kauone,he has a different teaching style to all the other teachers that I have had He’s way cooler than my other teachers he takes us out to play games a lot more than my old teachers. In short this year is going to be better than last year ,hopefully.my new friends are Mania,Iziah and Ako,

Me,Mania and izy just hangout in class and me and Ako just play basketball at the courts or just shoot some  hoops,mostly we just shoot some hoops we don’t play a lot of basketball because i’m bad at basketball but i’m good at taking shots.

Mr.Kauone tells us heaps of stories like when he went down wellington road when it used to be all bush,he always went there with his friends made fires and slept some nights and went down to the creek fishing trout for dinner.

He told us that that  forest was his and his friends playground,oh and he used to live around my nan and gran’s house,he used to live on newburn grove which is a few houses up and across the road i’m not sure who his friends were they might have been his brothers and sisters and he has 9 siblings,he also has four kids,two girls and two boys.his eldest daughter is going to Matatini to perform and him and his wife is running a weaving store,mr.kauone is helping his wife run the store and also to support his eldest daughter. -Trae

Tamati Blog

Kia ora my name is Tamati I’m in TKT with mr kauone he’s a really good teacher and he’s very funny he tells heaps of jokes and stories but sometimes they are very dumb. The year 8 have to step up and show leadership to the year 7 we have to show them Whanaungatanga Rangatiratanga Kaitiakitanga Manaakitanga and so they can show the year 7 next year. – Tamati

It’s 2019 and that means I’m now a year 8.

I need to be more responsible for my learning and my actions and be a great tuakana for the Year 7s and school. My kaiako Mr Kauone is a cool teacher and he makes lots of funny jokes and tells us stories. It’s been fun these last few weeks with all the new year 7s. It’s been fun hanging out with them and I like helping them when they need help. TKT is a cool hard working class that I think everyone likes. – N.T

Reflection Evaluation

On my first day of school everyone was surprised that we were going to be welcomed with a haka powhiri I was so nervous that I would be the last student to be put in a class. It’s a privilege to be in TKT because there are people waiting in line to be in TKT. My personal favorite school activity is technocraft I love doing different types of art like watercolours and paint.

I also love sports and my favorite sport is rippa rugby I like it because I always play it. My teacher Mr Kauone is a cool teacher he teaches us simple maths problems in an easy way and I didn’t think it was so simple. -Amara-lee

Reflection Evaluation 2019

Kia ora my name is Paratene Te Akonga and this is my first blog. On the first day of school (Monday) I’m fairly sure that the majority of people were nervous but I wasn’t at all, I was more tired and hungry than anything else.

I like being in TKT because it’s actually algdz and I like the new year 7’s because they’re cool and I like playing basketball with them. Majority of the TKT is pretty fun to hang out with as well.

I don’t really have any goals this year, I just wanna increase my academic results and become more better in all physical activities e.g P.E and athletics. I wanna become first in at least something in athletics. – Paratene 

TKT Blog

Kiora my name is Taukea on my first day we got welcome into the hall i got put in TKT my teacher is Mr.kauone he is a cool teacher but he had very dry jokes so after in the week we did math test  reading and writing i had a very fun week most work was boring but the rest was cool. – Taukea 🙂

Kia ora my name is Cade,

I am with the same teacher from Room 7 2018, Mr. Kauone and although it’s a new year Mr. Kauone is still the same, in a good way. With the new year 7s coming in and learning everything that we learned last year it’s gonna be tough to teach them the rules of the school, and as being a year 8 role model I need to step up and be a leader.

On the first day of school was great, we had to do a powhiri to introduce the year 7s to school and do a haka for them. When we finally got into our new class TKT everyone had to introduce themselves, I met some good friends some that I knew from ages ago and some I never knew Including Rhobe. Rhobe is very enthusiastic, and I look forward to a year with him and my other classmates.

The start of 2019, term 1 was one of the best starts to a new year, because I am a year 8 student counselor, so I am a role model to all the year 7s in my class and school. I can look forward to a good year with my teacher and classmates in 2019. – Cade