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Konei te Mutunga o Tetahi Atu tau

Kia ora Tatou and welcome back to another blog for TKT 2019. So that’s another term down and another one on the way. I never really noticed how fast the terms go by but they’re still fun times.

For my mid-year reading test I got a 4P I mean that’s good because that means I’m where I should be at, but to be honest, I could’ve done better, I guess I wasn’t in the right mood. But overall I did pretty well but I do plan to go higher towards the end of the year but to do that I have to do the mahi to succeed.

We just got our results for our writing test and I got the same, a 4P but for writing that’s pretty bad for me because I enjoy writing and I am good at it. For me, I really plan to get a 5B or above for my end of year writing test but I just gotta work harder and I will because writing is by far my favorite subject.

My maths test. Well I think I’m not actually that good at maths but considering I got a 4B I must be because I really thought I’d get a 3B or something like that, and the reason for that is I don’t like maths that much and it’s because I think I’m not good at it but that’s just my opinion about myself, because I got a pretty good score on my test.

Overall I think my mid-year tests went really well and I’m where I should be at so that’s really good I just aim to get a higher score on all of them at the end of the year.

This term we are writing out our report comments. The report comments are kinda like a reflection but only 2 sentences because Mr. Kauone adds another 4 sentences. He does this because he feels the parents need to hear a little bit from their child and hear how much progress they have made, and that’s why we have a class TKT blogs too so parents can read how we are doing in class. But the report comments are also to give our parents an idea where their child is at for every subject. So it’s just a little reflection to give to our parents so they see how we’re doing in class/school.

I made some end of year goals for myself, it’s actually a lot and it is. To improve in all areas in school and I mean all areas. I plan to get higher scores for my tests, I plan to improve in sports and I plan to improve on my personal goal, to be a more confident speaker so I can speak in front of all my peers and teachers. For me, this is a big goal because I always get nervous speaking in front of people but I plan to change that and overcome getting nervous.

I tere haere tenei waahanga, a, ka piki ake i roto i taku whakamatautau me era atu. Engari inaianei ko te wahi e pai ana ahau, a ko taku koa mo te wahi kei ahau. He nui tonu atu te mahi kia tae mai, me te nui ake o nga wa ahuareka

(This term went really fast and I will get higher in all my test and more. But for now where I’m at is good and I’m happy about where I’m at. There’s still a lot more work to come and a lot more fun times to be had). -Cade

My end of term 2 reflection evaluation

Kia Ora, So this term we have been practicing our goals so we could memorise them off by heart. We have been doing e-asttle tests on our chromebooks to find out how well we are learning & achieving.

We did the writing test on paper because the math and reading tests are online e-asttle. This term has gone really fast with our new teacher Matua Kauone he has been straight up with our class and he treats us like how he talks to his own children.

So that’s another term down and two more on the way, this term has gone by so fast and most of it has actually been pretty good. I am amazed in what I got for my reading test. For my reading middle of year test I got a level 4P which is amazing I was focusing properly and I was ready for it. So later in the last 2 terms, I’ll be ready for the other tests coming at me.

This term I’ve been more concentrating and I am getting used to it and starting to fit in my TKT class. My main focus this term was managing myself better to become a better person and it will probably be for the rest of the year. I am going to improve on my key competencies because I think if I stay focused I can achieve even more. – Matthew

Noho Ake Ra Wahanga 2, Nau Mai Haere Mai Wahanga 3

Mo nga wahanga kua pahure, kua ahua pai, engari kua porangi oku whakaaro whai hoki i toku whanonga, huri noa i te akomanga me te kura hoki. Koretake ahau ki te whakamahia i nga akoranga i te kura, na te mea ka whai whakaaro ahau ki oku hoa, ahakoa he mahi pai, he mahi porangi ranei. I whakaaro ahau i nga wa katoa, ki te whakatika i oku mahi, engari kua whakamarari ahau te kore. He tino whatuturi ahau.

Pehea toku Akoranga?

I mahi matou ko toku akomanga i etahi whakamatautau kia kite he aha to matou taumata, ki toku whakaaro kei te tumeke wheke toku mahi, engari ka mohio ahau ka taea ahau te piki ake i toku mahi pangarau, tuhituhi me te panui, mena ka whai tohutohu o nga kaiako.

Toku Uiuinga.

Ko toku marau, ko te whakahaere hakinakina mo etahi atu kura, tera pea i konei, a rohe hingonga ranei. I matapaki matou ko toku ropu etahi whakaaro kia kite pehea ka whitiki nga tamariki e haere ana ki nga kura ta wahi. Kei te whakahaere ahau i te hakinakina pa poro, ko toku mahi ko te whakatauira pehea te takaro katahi ka purei. Ko te tumanako ka tutuki pai ahau mo te toenga o te tau, kia tutuki i oku tohenga akoranga. -Malia

Kei Te Haere Mai A Wahanga Toru

Term 2 has gone fast my progress has been good and I’m astonished by my improvement so far. I’m doing well academically and getting good test results. I’m proud of myself because I’ve tested and pushed myself to get the results that I’ve been getting. Right now I’m above expectation for my year 7 level which is a huge success for me.

My topic inquiry is local primary school sports tournaments. We have to run a sports tournament or teach a game. We are going to teach Touch because it’s easy to teach, learn and it’s fun to play. Our topic inquiry question is, how do we retain students in the valley to me that doesn’t really link up to running a sports tournament but we have done a questionnaire about that. Overall I think my group is doing well because we have done what’s expected of use.

I had my first student conference I think it went well even though I kept laughing.  My dad was impressed with my academics and my progress. He and Mr. Kauone mentioned that I should work on relating to others instead of keeping my thoughts to myself and also so I can get other people’s perspective. From the interview, I’m going to take basically everything into consideration that was talked about but mostly relating to others so I can share my thinking and hear what other people have to say. -Fanua


Kia ora tatou katoa he pai rawa atu tenei wahanga 2 mo 2019 kei te ako matou i te tiriti o waitangi natemea i haere toku tipuna ki Aotearoa. I taimai nga Pakeha ki te whanako i tomatau whenua me mate nga Maori kei te mahi nga pakanga natemea ka pirangi nga Maori tona whenua ka haere nga Maori ki Hawaiki ki Aotearoa. I taimai nga Pakeha ki Aotearoa ki te Whanau o matou whenua.

Tech for this term

About technocraft this term year 8 we are in cooking it’s been good we only had 2 sessions of cooking but its not my favourite it’s just good to cook and eat and work together to get the food ready to eat cuz we only eat in the cooking room.

For midyear testing we had reading, Writing and maths and for reading I got a 4P i’m proud for getting a 4P for writing i got a 4B and I’m also proud of that and the test we had only like 46 minutes to get the test done but I only took my time because I don’t want to get a low score for my reading and writing/maths

I need to improve on my work so I can get a good job for my adult life so I can show my parents what I have been doing in school and try and make them proud of me and I will do my best in class so i can get higher in class for test and learning stuff we have to do on time or else we will sit outside the staff room at morning tea or lunch.

So this term has been good because how it’s going and also sports this year I’m playing basketball this year for the school and we have the finals on Wednesday we only lost 2 games and won all the rest we are facing the team that we lost to but i think that we are going to win and i hope we win today cuz it are the only game this term and we go again next term I think.

This term was pretty good because I like school and i will rather come to school then staying at home because I like the activities and learning new things and it’s cool I like sports and getting more experience. -Kahurangi

Kua Tai Mai Te Mutunga O Wahanga 2

He ahua pai tenei wahanga. Kei te pai haere toku whakamarari engari ka pirangi ahau ki te piki ake toku tuhituhi na te mea kaore I mahi pai ahau me kaore he pai te tuhituhi ki ahau. Ma te mutunga o te tau ka whaihoki ahau ki te pike ake I toku aro atu na te mea ka tino awhim I toku akoranga.

Kei te hiahia ahau ki te parakatihi i toku waitohu tuhituhi, me te whakahaere tikanga, na te mea ka whai whakaaro ahau ki oku hoa. Ka ki a Mr Kauone koia ra toku mahi, kia

Parakatihi. Tata ki te rua tekau miniti, katahi ka hoki atu ahau ki toku mahi, na te mea kei te hianga haere ahau, ko tera te take ka pirangi ahau te whai aro ki te whakawhanake i toku akoranga.

My conference went okay, it’s probably the best one I have had yet. Me, my mum, my dad, and Mr Kauone all agreed that I need to work on managing self because I am really bad at it. Mr Kauone also said that if I do improve on managing myself it will really help me improve my academics in all areas, so overall it was pretty good.

Mid-year testing… well, I guess I did alright, I am either just below or at where I am meant to be as a year 7 so yeah. The only test I didn’t do so good in was Writing, the level I got was 3P, but I know I can do better. So yeah I did good and I’m proud of myself”. -Jaylyn💞

Mā Te Wā Kaupeka Rua

So that’s another term down and two more on the way, this term has gone by so fast and the majority of it has actually been pretty good.

I had my learning conference on 10/6/19 and it was algdz. My dad came to my learning conference and we were talking about my academical and my key competencies progress in my learning then we talked about my personal goal which is dunking the hoops at school. My dad says that I don’t need to jump higher I just need to get a better grip and I need to get a better technique.

I’m disappointed for what I got for my midyear Reading test and my midyear Writing test because according to the tests I’m average but to me that’s a bad result because I know that I can do so much better. I need to focus more in class because I get distracted too easily and I tend to become flippant at times. – Ako

Te Ungutungutu O Wahanga Rua 😁

This term has gone really fast, and now we are only 2 terms away from the end of the year. This term was basically all about work and tests. I’m also really excited about the next term because term 3 is normally the best.

We have been preparing for Polyfest, and I think we are going to win this time! We have been practicing really hard and I think we have nearly finished our preparations. Polyfest is a show where Pasifika and Kapa Haka groups perform BTW!

We are working on our Family Tree, in class and my one is huge. I have thought of 76 people in my family, but there’s so much I can’t remember!

We also set our key competencies, academic and personal goals this term. We had to memorize them and say them in front of Mr. Kauone without our paper copy.

This term we did a reading test, and I got a 4A which is higher than where I should be at for my chronological age. In my mathematics test, I got 3A at the start of the year and that’s 1 sub level lower where I should be, but I think I have improved throughout the year and hope to get 4P or higher.

In topic inquiry, I’m in the group sustainable living which is divided into subgroups. My subgroup has got Mishaela, Me and Tyresa in it. We are making a compost system for our school and right now we are taking action.

On Thursday I have a student-led conference, where I inform my parents of what I have been doing in class and where I’m at currently academically. I had my conference script and also on the screen and all the books I needed (evidence) on the table. I needed to show evidence of what I say ( hence the books ) and yeah!

Last week we had our school Matariki Wearable Arts Show and the winners of last week’s show are going to go to the finals at the Wainui Marae. We are doing the powhiri for the manuhiri there. And I think we are doing both shows. The winners last week was Natalea, Zaria and Moses.

This term these people called Revolution came to our school and they did a performance, where they sang songs and they gave out prizes. They also had a dance comp at the end, but I didn’t participate. We are halfway through the year, and I can’t wait for next term. -Bonnie

Haere Ra a Wahangaro Rua

Kia ora tatou, It is the end of term two soon, I’m looking forward to term 3, this term has been good with my learning and stuff because I have been going good with my mid-year tests. I always used to get 2A but now I’m getting 3B its not great but its not bad so like it’s in the middle of where I’m meant to be you know, and like I know that I’m making progress in class because my maths is getting better and my writing has gotten better too.

My topic inquiry unit is going paperless or back to basics I feel okay with working with my group sometimes they don’t even do work it’s so frustrating because i need help on some of the stuff that I’m doing too but apart from that it’s good a lot of things that we do is really fun, what we do is basically make surveys and graphing, the thing I like doing is making question and asking question and learning from people’s answers yeah.

Also we had our conference mine was pretty good with mum and dad, mum mentioned that I should read more at home and in my own time so I’m going to do that in my own time, what dad mentioned I should shut my phat waha but yeah a part from that it was good mum also mentioned that it was the best conference she’s ever been to. I was pretty happy with that cause I led the whole thing that was really cool because I never do that so that was good.

With kapa haka its been really good practice for Polyfest and its pretty mean when you do your best at it for me kapa haka is really fun and inspiring for me. I loved kapa haka since when I was like 4 I always used to go to my sisters practice. Kapas has been really fun why I love it is because I’m not into sports and or anything else so that’s why I love kapa haka. –Ramari💞

Ka Kite Wahanga 2, Haere Mai Wahanga 3

Mo nga wahanga kua pahure mai kua ahua pai. Koretake ahau ki te whai tohutohu o nga kaiako whaihoki ki te whai aro i toku mahi, na te mea ka whai whakaaro ahau ki oku hoa, ahakoa he mahi pai, he mahi porangi ranei.

Toku Whainga raua ko toku Akoranga

Ki toku whakaaro kei te pai toku akoranga engari , kei te hiahia ahau ki te parakatihi toku mahi tuhituhi whaihoki i toku mahi pangarau kia tutuki pai ahau. Kei te whakamarari ahau i roto toku whainga, kei te mahi pai me toku panui, ko te whai tikanga ka aro tahinga ahau i roto i te whakaharere toku ahau me te whakawhanugatanga ki etahi atu.

I need a lot of work on my key competencies especially managing self and relating to others. I need a lot of work on managing self because I get distracted and off task with my learning. I also need a lot of work on my relating to others because I don’t really relate to others that well so I need to do that more.

My behaviour this year hasn’t been bad but it also hasn’t been good so it’s like in the middle. I think I need to improve my learning because I muck around too much and I distract my friends and then we all get in trouble.

So overall it’s been alright but I’m gonna keep trying to show leadership and make sure that myself and others are heading the right way. – Manaia H-P

Kakite Wahanga Rua 

This term has been moderate I am getting used to it and starting to fit in, My main focus of this term was managing myself and it will probably be for the rest of the year, I am going to work on my key competencies because I think if I stay focused I can achieve more.

I mahi matou te tehi mo te panui he tino mama mo te wa tuatahi i mahi au i te tehi i whiwhi au te 4P engari mo te tehi i heke mai nei ka mahi pukaha au.Me i mahi matou te tehi mo te tuhituhi i whiwhi au te 4P ano engari kei te pai tena.Mo toku tehi pangarau i whiwhi au te 4B kaore he pai tera ki au engari mo te tehi e heke mai nei i takakawe au.

Next term I want to do more sports because this term I wasn’t very active but I will be next term I think that if I keep fit and healthy I can do much more. My friends have been a bit annoying but that’s okay, Mr Kauone said “real friends are supposed to help you” and I believe that.

In tech, I was at woodwork and we were learning how to make patu it was a great time our teacher was Matua Mike he’s really funny he also taught us about the roots of a patu and how the first one was made. For Kapa Haka we are learning this new song and it’s in Te Reo but it’s like a hip hop song Matua Mike is also teaching us taiaha and mau rakau for Polyfest in week ten.

Thank you all for reading. – Teokotai

Hei Kona Wahanga 2

Kia orana whanau I’ll be talking about my end of wahanga 2 reflection evaluation. So this term the class and I have been doing our e-asttle tests that is Reading, Writing and Maths on our new/old chromebooks but our writing test was on paper and not the Chromebooks because the only tests on the chromebooks were Reading and Maths. And for my maths and reading year level results I got a 3P on both of them because I haven’t improved much on those e-asttle test results but for writing I got a 2P and not a 3P, 3A, 4A and 4P and others got n a higher test level than me on the writing test.


Kia orana ana whanau I’ll be talking about my trip to Rarotonga. On Wednesday morning the 22 of May me and the 17 of my whanau went to Rarotonga for my mum’s birthday. My mum has been planning this since I think 2018 or 2017 not quite sure what year she has been planning on a trip like this. As we woke up early in the morning it was about 3:00am and our flight was around 6:10am so we all woke up at the same time and put on our clothes and got in our car/van’s and off to the airport. As we got to the airport we said our goodbye’s to our whanau after we said our goodbyes we all went inside to do our passports and get our tickets for the plane.

So later after we got our tickets and done our passports we all had to wait for our flight so we can board on to the plane as we boarded the plane the co-pilot gave us some instructions for us to be safe on the plane. After the co-pilot gave us our instructions of being safe on the plane we headed off to Auckland to meet up with the rest of our whanau like my eldest sister, my auntie and uncle and later we had to board on our other plane to Rarotonga as we got on our plane to Rarotonga we had to wait for a couple of mins so we can head to our destination. So we had landed to our destination and we were staying at this resort which was The Edgewater Resort and Spa we all stayed there until the 28th of May. Meitaki Ma’ata. -Terangianiwaniwa.

Te Mutunga o Wahanga Rua

Kia ora!! This term has really gone fast and right now I’m going to talk about my behaviour.

So far I have improved in my behaviour and I haven’t been getting into trouble as much and I’m sticking out of drama and issues around the classroom and keeping it outside of the class. My learning in class has been going well and I have been improving in my work and keeping up with most of my work.

We have been doing our E-asttle tests to find out where we’re at in our learning and so Mr Kauone can split us off into level groups. For my mid-year Reading test I got a level 4B,  I mean that’s not that good but it’s okay. To be honest I could’ve done better if I sat away from my friends and not get distracted but focus on my work, but overall I did pretty okay and I do plan to go higher at the end of the year, I just need to read more often and improve on my skills and do the mahi to succeed in my reading. For Writing I got a 4P and to be honest I’m disappointed in my results but towards the year I’m going to work harder to achieve my goal which is to get at least higher than a 4A at least.  For my Pre Geometry and Measurement test, I got a 3P and I’m not that worried about my maths because right now my maths isn’t that important to me right now but I’m mostly focused on my reading and writing. My goals are to find/validate data measures from appropriate displays.

For this term, we have been doing Topic Inquiry workshops and for my workshop, I’m in Matariki wearable arts. I’m the model for my group. My group is Taukea, Arimawha and Matthew. We have presented our garment and we came 1st place and now we are heading down to Wainuiomata Marae to represent our school and represent our garment. Our garment is made out of reusable plastic bags and Natural resources.  We have presented our garment to the Wainuiomata Community and we are waiting for the results to come out and all the shows to finish.

For Kapa Haka we have been learning Poi actions to the song Huro and we have been doing some Hakas and songs to perform at polyfest at Walter Nash on Wednesday night. We have performed a powhiri for Matariki and then we did another performance at the Wainuiomata Marae and not gonna lie we actually did pretty good and we were loud but we just need to work on slowing our hakas down and being much more louder.

We have been doing report comments on Reading, Maths, Writing, General and our topic workshops and what we do is we give them a recap of what we’ve been doing in that subject and where we are at in that subject. So far in reading I have been doing well and I’ve been reading more at home, For my Writing I have been improving but I still need to work on staying on one subject, My Maths haven’t really improved but I’m trying to improve in my maths by not getting distracted and listening and working hard on the questions and my general comment is just when I talk about how my class has been and what I’ve been doing this term.

This term has gone by so fast and I hope I get higher results in my tests because where I’m at now isn’t good enough and I just wanna get higher in my work and improve in my learning. and to be more confident at the end of this year and involved in more stuff., but that’s it for my blog and thank you for reading Kakitte! – Natalea

Ko Au Te Tangata Kahi

He pai te wahanga rua mo te tau 2019. Kua mahi tatou te akomanga i nga whakamatautau i waenganui i te tau ko taku taumata Panui ko 2A. Ka tau mai a Wahanga 4 kei runga rawa ahau Engari he rawe te tau 2019 mo tenei Matewa Whanau.

My attitude really needs to improve like really needs to because my attitude is bad, and I will improve. My pangarau is one of my most improved subjects I learned algorithm and my mid-year pre-test is 3B and at the start of the year I was 2A so I have gone up 1 sub level and so I feel great I’ve improved.

I really enjoy  and learning new Haka and new waiata natemea he tangata rongonui ahau i nga mahi Kapa Haka.

I’ve just had my student-led conference it was good my whanau are happy because my academics have improved. My student-led conference was really good in mum’s words and dad’s too. I enjoyed leading the conference in front of mum and dad. Chur Whanau. -Rhobe-Jaexoynn

Kia Ora, Welcome Back.

Ko Ruamahanga te Maunga

Ko Rangitumau te Awa

Ko Takitimu te Waka

Kog Te Ore Ore te Marae

Ko Ngati Kahungunu te Iwi

Ko Keira toku ingoa

This whole term has been pretty good, apart from the start of the term. But lately I have really been trying to finish a lot of my work and I think I have accomplished that. I would say my behavior has been all goods, I have been doing the right thing all the time and I have been focusing on my work.

We did our post alg/stats test and I got a 3A which for me is kinda good considering I’m bad at math. For reading I got a 4P I expected myself to get that because I’m good at reading and then writing I got a 4B which is okay I guess.

We are currently getting ready for Polyfest because it’s almost time. We are the last to perform so we are going to do our best to impress everyone.

My goals for term 3-4:  (Reading) Understand and organize, or order text, Make use of previous knowledge, Know what different words mean. (Writing-) Organisation, planning and editing my draft writing. (Maths-) Use the multiplication facts and order decimals using tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. (Personal-) Focus on my work, not distract myself or others,  be my number 10 (best) all the time. -Keira

End Of Term 2 Reflection Evaluation 

Last Friday we had our first Matariki wearable art show for 2019. We learned about Maori Atua and we had to create clothing using recycled plastic bottles, caps, bags, and other natural elements.

I have improved my reading but I still need to work on my knowledge of reading strategies and to read and understand quickly.

My writing is improving, but I still need to work on how to use correct grammar, punctuation and spelling words properly and to use more descriptive words in my writing.

Our kapa haka group is performing at Walter Nash center and we are registered last so I can’t wait to perform, we are doing single short poi, double short poi, single long poi, double long poi, 4 long poi. – Amara

Ka Kite

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog.This term we have been really busy on our mid-year tests and our reports going back to our parents and caregivers.

I am proud of my results because I did really good in Reading and Maths because those are my strengths. Although I didn’t do too well on my Writing test it’s okay because at least I know that I did bad and know that I can and will do better. For the end of year tests, I’m aiming for a 5B in Maths and Reading.

In week 10 I’m excited to go to polyfest. This year only Kapa Haka is going. Now that polyfest is right around the corner, Mrs Brown is taking practices 3 times a week instead of after school practices. My favourite part of our performance is definitely poi. The only thing I don’t like about this year’s performance is that we’re performing last.

In Technocraft I am currently in cooking. Last week some of the boys threw heaps of flour around. In lunch that day we all had to stay back and clean the whole classroom. Next, I’m in Art. I’m not really looking forward to it because last year when I was there I didn’t enjoy it that much. – Arimawha

Mutunga o Tau 2

So term 2 has gone faster than I expected it to and it’s been good for the past 8 weeks and my work has been going good with my Maths/Reading/Writing.

On Monday I had my student-led conference and it was good but I need to improve on for my maths/writing/reading. My teacher said I have to stop hanging out with my mates in class so I don’t get distracted from them. How I went in my student conference was good and my mum was happy that I can read cause last year I wasn’t really good with my reading strategies.

But I am making progress in my reading now because I  have been improving in my reading COMPREHENSION strategies. I know that I’m not a dumbass because I listen in class and stay on task when I’m not with my mates.

How I’m doing in my goals is really good and I’m improving a lot of my goals this term in my maths. But overall I’m actually doing pretty good in my key competencies and my topic inquiry workshops.

By the end of the year I will achieve my goals because one of my goals is to eat healthy foods good for my body and that’s one of the biggest goals I need to do because I’m unfit for most sports I play.  -Antwon

👉 Kua Oti Taku Waahanga Tuarua 👈

Part 1 – Sup everyone I’m back with my end of term 2 Reflection Evaluation. I have done the mathathon test I got 24/100. It was not my best but we only had 2min and it was in the morning so my mind wasn’t ready.

Part 2 – I love Technocraft so I’m going to talk about it. For Tech we have rotations next term we will have a new rotation but this term we did… Art, Wood Work & Music. In Woodwork we made a patu, in Art we made a Hybrid creature and in Music, we learned how to play musical instruments.

Part 3 – Now I’m going to tell you my test scores for my mid-year test. I achieved 3A in my math pretest but in my post-test, I got a level 4P so I’ve gotten way better than most people. I achieved 3P in writing so I need to improve on it so I get to level 4P at least. I got 4P for Reading because I love Reading.

Part 4 – So… now I’m going to tell you about the Matariki wearable arts at the Wainuiomata marae my kapa haka group performed a powhiri for other schools there were some contests that we did, overall it was a fun experience.

I can’t wait till next term and more blogs.- Iziah Nuku


So far term two has been good I have been doing good so let’s get started.

For my Tech I am In cooking my main group has been Ako, Natalea and myself, the classroom has been pretty good but on Tuesday some of the boys got flour on everyone and on the floor so the class got Into trouble and some of the boys are not allowed to cook anymore because of that so that sucks for them but I’ve been all good.

For my reading test I did okay It wasn’t great but It wasn’t too bad I got a 3A and for writing I got the same and for maths too. I need to Improve on all of them because we are meant to be at 4P or higher In all curriculum areas.

For topic we have been doing different things like Matariki wearable arts, sports for schools, paperless schools, sustainable living, local prImary and worm farm I’m In making a worm farm It’s been fun so far we just need to find out where to get worms.

The last week or so we have been doing report comments there’s reading, writing, general and topic we had two lines to write a comment about the subjects at first I didn’t know what to write about but now I’m done.

That’s all I have for now and no we only have two more terms left for this year. – Nicky 

Te Mutunga O Wahanga 2 

This Term has been good so far it’s nearly the end of term 2. and my Class TKT have  been focusing on our report reflections. I am doing Good for math because I achieved a 3P in my midyear test.  For my Reading test I achieved a 3P and for my writing test I achieved a 3P.I’m

Making progress with my academics and I am happy that I am Improving I am doing way better in my academics than last year and the year before so I made a good choice of coming to Wainui intermediate

I’m making progress with my goals and for technocraft, I am with the year 8s we’re in cooking class.we’ve got a lot of stuff on this week and next week so this week we have AIMS social on Thursday and H20 pools on Friday. And next week we have kapa haka at Walter Nash stadium.-Montelle 

Te Mutunga o Te Kaupeka Tuarua

Key Competencies. This term has been good I’m starting to get where I’m supposed to be at with my academics. I’m starting to improve my key competencies which are managing self, managing my time better, knowing what to do and by when, being organised and ready to learn, concentrate on my work and complete it on time.

My Academics. In my maths I am *almost* there,I am currently on 3A and this year as a year 7 I’m supposed to be on 4B for an average and next year I’m meant to be on 4P for an average,and I’m below average(If you didn’t know the levels go from 1 to 8 and there are three stages in each level B, P and A and that’s from bottom to top). On my writing, it isn’t too bad, I got a 3P on my last writing test, but I need to be on a 4B at least. I really need to work on my creative writing and also write more often.

Inquiry – for inquiry, I was in Matariki wearable arts which is where students go into a group and make a dress or outfit to wear while showing it off to an audience. When we all did it we went to the Wainui marae to show it off and compete against other schools in and around Wainuiomata but they were mostly primary schools and Wainuiomata intermediate(us).

Technocraft – This term us year sevens we got to do some fun tech, we did art,woodwork and music (that was from start to finish).The woodwork was my favourite for this term and what is even better is that we are with Matua Mike. He’s a cool tech teacher I like doing woodwork I’m really good at it too this term and next term we have made and are gonna be making Maori weapons and tools like patu and maybe Tiaha,but we’ve already made a patu but after that I don’t know what we’re gonna be making.

Kapa Haka, In kapa haka the year seven boys learned the boy’s haka and some of the year eight boys re-learned the boy’s haka we also learned waiata ringa, huro it’s pretty cool the song and the actions mainly because the boys get to use the poi. – Trae

Ka Kite Wahanga Rua Haere Mai😞Wahanga Toru😞

Key competencies

Mo oku key competencies kei runga ahau i te taumata e heahea ahau Engari te ki a Matua Kauone ka eke ahau te taumata e pirangi Mo toku key competencies kei runga ahau  mo oku mahi thinking.


For writing I’m ok I guess well I’m better with my writing than my math. I’m Shocked with my pangarau I’m also shocked with my Reading  test because 2A and a 2p Now I need put my head straight and Listen and no more distraction just focus.

Topic inquiry

For topic inquiry I’m in Local primary sports tournament we are thinking about going to Wainui primary to teach year 6 and under so when they wanna teach sports they can.


Mo toku Pangarau kua whiwhi ahau i te 3P ko taku porearea ko 2P Harikoa toku ngakau kua piataata toku nakau harikoa menemene. Kua mohio ahau kua hikina ahau i oku mahi pangarau.


Mo oku mahi Technocraft he pai kua oti ahau i te mahi toi / mahi rakau/mahi waiata kei runga matau i te mahi waiata tata kei te tarae ahau oti me oku kaha katoa kia oti pai ataahua rawe me te parekareka o taku purakau. – Kaimana