Start of 2018 Student Reflections

Posted by Pio Semu Matiahi Kauone, 17 Feb 2018
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First day of school i was really excited and nervous. I remember I came to school early with my best friend Shekinah. I was really nervous on the day and even more nervous when we got welcomed into the hall because I didn’t know what to do. I was a bit excited because I really wanted to know what class I was in. But now I’m very excited with what’s coming up this year. My teacher Mr Kauone is really funny. Sometimes before school we would share jokes or play a song or two. My brother Pulu told me such great stories about him so now I know it’s going to be a very good year. So over these past  few weeks we have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. Why? Because the Treaty of Waitangi was just on the second day school 6th of February. I learnt that 500 chiefs including an estimated 13 women chiefs signed the treaty and it was signed in 1840. Thanks for reading my first 2018 blog. Goodbye.  – Maliana

Kia ora, welcome to my first blog. I’m in Room 7 with Mr Kauone and trainee teacher Mr CJ. Why I like being in Room 7 is because Mr Kauone is really honest with us and talks to us like he does to his daughters. Mr Kauone has a weird but funny sense of humor. With my Maths I’m at level 4. For Maths rotations I’m in Room 5. For topic we are learning about cultural identity. I personally I think this is a good idea because we find out a bit more about our family and cultures. Technocraft has 6 classes. I’m in visual Art with Miss S. We’re carving someone we look up to. I’m carving Jimi Jackson. The first class of technocraft Mr Kauone sent us to the wrong class. He sent us to fabric instead of art. – Arimawha

BLOG  2K18 – This year Im hoping to be pushed in my learning to a certain level so when I leave intermediate I will be at the level that I should be at for high school. Also I’m hoping to be in a basketball team for our school so I can keep fit and get much better skills and abilities. Already this year I feel great being a year eight because I  have to be a role model for the year 7s and I get to meet heaps of new students . This year is going to be just so exciting. – DENNIS

Talofa lava  malo e lelei – On the first day of school I was nervous and  I saw some of my friends. – I was in Mrs Ta’ala s class before I came to room 7. Room 4 was awesome when I was there. I always used my manners.because i wanted  to show respect. – This year Mr Kauone has been amazing to me. I ask alot of questions. I am doing art for technocraft Miss Schjier is the art teacher. She is kind, lovely, happy, honest, fair and inspiring. – Leincohne

Joining In – At school I do my work. I have been doing the cooking for technocraft and this week we made pancakes. We put savory fillings in them. On Wednesday we have school sports for SWOP and I am in the library playing board games. There were heaps of other kids playing too. We are also getting ready for Athletics Day. I try everything and enjoy the high jump the most. Everyone Claps when I jump. – Amatie

Cade’s Blog 2K18!!! – Kia Ora my name is Cade and I’m going to tell you about my first few weeks at W.I.S,when you come to this school you would properly be nervous – Like I was,but you learn to adapt to your new surroundings and new people.Even some of the new people could become your friends you never know even some of the year 8s can become your friend. My next subject is going to be academics,my academics have gone rather well this year and i’m sure yours would to. At the beginning of the year we had to research the Treaty of Waitangi and the day it was signed and many more. Maths, maths gets more difficult during the year but trust me you will get through the challenges. Technocraft is the best, there are different types of categories like woodwork that’s what I’m in, technoledge,music and more!!! – Last but not least the teacher Mr.Kauone. When I first saw Mr.Kauone I really thought he was mean because he looked mean but never judge a book by its cover, when you get to know Mr you will see that he has a weird sense of humor.one thing you would notice about Mr.Kauone he always pushes us to the best we can be he never gives up to make sure we never give up.-Cade

Kiaora, welcome to my very first Blog of 2018 – Tech: So far Tech has been pretty good in Sewing and although we haven’t completed much yet I can tell it’s gonna be fun. I am currently designing my own personal shield which I am going to Sewing to put together throughout the rest of this module. – Student Councillor: I have also been given the chance to be one of Room 7’s Student Councillors, this means leading assemblies, helping out in the classroom and being a leader in general. I am very excited about what is to come with this opportunity. Goals: My Goals for the year are to participate in more school-wide activities such as Kapa haka and Pacifica, as well as doing more sports like Hockey, Volleyball, Netball and more. I am also very very excited for School Sports which are happening every Wednesday afternoon. – This year is gonna be great and I’m excited for what lies ahead for me. 🙂 – Asharna

Kia ora and welcome to my first blog. The first day was a challenge because I didn’t know if i would make any new friends in my class or get bullied by the year 8 girls.The teacher on the other hand [Mr Kauone] has a funny sense of humour that everybody loves that is hilarious. Academics, so far for my academics we didn’t really start anything like reading or writing but we did do math workshops and learn about The Treaty of Waitangi. Math workshops are for different students at different levels of math,im in rm 7 level 3.The Treaty of Waitangi is very interesting because I didn’t really know much of it but I did know some of it from primary so I did know some of the answers to the questions. – Tameka

Kiora, welcome to my first blog for 2018 – How I feel about the start of 2018 in Room 7. So far I have enjoyed being a leader for the Year 7s in our class. I have become friends with many Year 7s in our school and I’m looking forward to spending 2018 with them. My goals for 2018 are to participate in a lot of activities such as Kapa Haka, Pacifica and playing much more sports than I participated in last year. I will do more things I am good at so I can achieve more this year. Something I am looking forward to this year are our school sports on Wednesdays, my first 3 choices were ki o’rahi, table tennis and volleyball. These sports I will develop and get better at to  achieve my sports goals. In my opinion I think school sports is a great idea because it’ll be fun to do sports as a school activity! One of the things I most want to improve on this year are my academics. – Before I leave intermediate my goal will be to at least be working at level 4 in everything. This year is going to be really good, I’m excited to be doing more things this year, like spending the year with all my friends and writing more blogs 🙂 – Ashlee

The new school is scary because new students at school and the new school my teacher is autism. He is really funny he sometimes he calls people a silly noodle. My akademiks is really good and I’m good at maths is in level 4. In maths that is the highest group in school. – Chariie

2K18 IS HERE – The year has started well because I have changed my attitude towards my learning and now I love learning! I especially love doing Kapa Haka and Pasika because I like to embrace other cultures. I’m excited to see what the year brings, The new year 7’s are nice and I  enjoy helping them, especially Cade. I actually enjoy coming to school to learn unlike last year because the stuff we were learning I already knew but in here it challenges me. This is going to be the year i’m good and don’t get into trouble. – Christian

My First Room 7 Blog – Hi my name is Cole and I’m going to tell you about my first week at intermediate and what my favorite things and the nerve racking things about the school. Technocraft, technocraft is a fun exciting place that’s inside the school. Woodwork – Woodwork is a place where you work with machines.I’ve already made knots and crosses. Cooking is where you work with different ingredients. I was nervous because I didn’t know if mr Kauone was a grumpy old guy who let the kids get away with their work or a good teacher who was funny and strict but not too strict and who knew how to teach. The second reason I was nervos is because I had friends from kindergarten who I wasn’t used to being in the same school. -Cole

My 2018 blog – Hi, my name is Devaux and this is my first 2018 blog also this year has had a good start and there are so many things I’m looking forward to. This year I am excited to see all my friends from last year and to meet new friends. As soon as I got to school on the first day the gate was crowded like last year. I was kind of confused about where to go but I noticed one of my friends go into the office so my sister told me to follow him in. Then I went in saw all my friends getting ready and the year 7s too so I quickly joined in. – Like last year I am going to focus on my work more and get my work done to a high level and be ready for my next learning task. So I might think of some of the goals for the rest the year but for this term, i want to focus the goal I came up with last year. – Devaux

This is Greg and this is my first 2018 blog. So far we have done P.E, Topic Studies, Maths, Te-Reo Maori and Technocraft. We have all started our rotations for Technocraft, and my group is in Digitech. My Tech group has finished the first part of our tasks in that time we should have completed three parts. Our Tech teacher hasn’t been happy about this. – We, as an area and a class, have been practicing for athletics. My goal is to get a place for shot put or for vortex as these are my strengths. We have been practicing high jump, long jump, sprints and discus but I’m most interested in shot put and vortex. – Finally, we have been working on Te-Reo. We have focused on the Treaty of Waitangi but now we will be moving onto powhiri work because us year 8s have to welcome the new year 7s to our school marae. – Greg

Kiaora, It’s Ilyse, I’m a year eight now, and today I’m going to be telling you about how I feel about this year and what has been happening so far. Like how we had to welcome the year seven’s to our school on the first day. – These two weeks have been tiring, fun, and fascinating. Meeting all the new year seven’s is amazing, this year I am going to work hard not just on my academics but my sports and my confidence too. I really like my class I think this year we are going to do fantastic in sports and everything else. – These first two weeks we have already started our area Maths Workshops and we haven’t done that much work since it is only the second week, but we have done some work, like our Math WorkShops, writing blogs, topic-cultural identities and our Rm 7 treaty and culture.- We have started our Technocraft, Pacifica, Kapa Haka, Singing Group and Band Tryouts. I’ve trialled for Pacifica and Kapa Haka, but I’m not really interested in singing on a stage or solo in front of people. Last year I didn’t do anything, but I’m stepping up and I’m 99.99% sure that I’ll  get into at least one of the two groups. -Ilyse

Welcome to my first blog for 2018, let’s begin – Firstly I am going to be talking about the very first day I walked into the school gates, as soon as I saw all of the year 7’s I was so excited they were all waiting anxiously for the bell to ring, that brings me onto my next topic, The welcoming Powhiri – when the bell rung every year 7 walked into the hall, all squished up. All of the year 8’s were also excited and anxious because we had to sing our school Kapa Haka songs to welcome the year 7’s into our school. After that we went into class. The next topic I am going to talk about is sports day I have been chosen to represent my area on Athletics day in week 5. I will be racing for my area and I am super excited about that. Secondly, for Sports Day I have been doing my best to qualify for the long jump finals that is my favorite thing to do. Lastly, I would like to talk about my Academics – we have started new area maths classes where it caters to what you need help with in maths. I feel very feel confident with what I’m going to accomplish in academics this year. –  Jade

Kia Ora and welcome to my blog, the first day back was a breeze, as I walked into school seeing everyone gathered up at the gates. All of the years 8s had to go to the hall to welcome and sing the school song and panapana the school haka. This year I am excited to be a senior and leader of the school. School awards that I am aiming for are top girls sports award and netball award, how I am going to achieve is not giving up in any sports I play giving ALL sports a go as I didn’t do that last year. This year Mr. Kauone has given me the chance to be a sports counselor, I believe if I am sports counselor is will help me achieve my goal of getting a sports award. Academics haven’t really started, except area maths workshops we go to another classroom to practice and achieve in maths we have only had one workshop and our second on Friday. This year I want to get higher scores  in every subject better than I did last year. This year should be good with my class and my new area. I’m excited to see what comes to us throughout the year.  – Shania

2018 On the first day of school we met the year 7s And  i meeted  mr CJ And on  the  2nd mr konne mess up sent all  us to da wong  technocraft And  and anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddon the 3rd day (of chistmas) nothing happen butttttttttttttttttttttttttttt oh never mind 2nd week On mondaay we resesh treaty of waitangi Tuesday there was no school (i wonder way) Wednesday my brother and my sister go to school(ya) Thirstday we research the treaty of Waitangi Sorry we cannot cont due to techno diffcll -ryan

This year I feel better than last year because I feel more confident. My main goal is to focus more on my academic work then talking and to finish all my work on time. I also want to achieve my goals for sports. For reading, I want to get better then what I got last year, I want to improve so I can get better and make my stories interesting. For maths this year it’s going to go well. – Levi

Welcome to my first blog 2018 let’s begin … So first I am going to talk about my first day. On my first day I was very nervous because I only knew Maliana. But also I was very shy because I am at intermediate now and that is a big step up from primary also I have never had a male teacher before but Mr Kauone is very fun smart. Next, I will be talking about academics. In maths workshop rotations I am at level four witch I am very proud of myself. We also are learning about culture and identity and in my own opinion, I think that is a great idea so we can find out about ourselves and others before us. Last I will be talking about technocraft so I have never heard about technocraft I never knew it existed in this term year 7s are doing art. For art, we are doing wood carvings we are doing someone we aspire that’s all for now  – Kayla

MY  FIRST  BLOG 2018 Hi, My name is Jedidiah and welcome to my first blog for 2018! When School started this year I was mostly excited about sports.All the year 7’s were nervously waiting outside and all the year 8’s waiting fearlessly for the year 7’s to enter the hall.I saw a bunch of my old friend’s was pretty scared of getting new classmates. I have only been focusing on sports this year because my dad wants me to do well in my sports but my mum wants me to have the high good education.So far our class has become a really friendly class we have a bunch of people with different cultures. Our class is pretty sporty so I’m really happy to stay in this cultural sports learning class!!! I really want to go hard throughout the year I’m aiming for a lot of things this year. I want to become a really good person in the class. I reckon this year is my goal achieving year because I’m a year 8 and it’s a huge year!!! -Jedidiah

I thought I was very nervous just going to a new school but when I knew I had a male teacher I was not as scared and I was even more excited when I found out. But I was a bit sad that I was not with my best friend but I knew I would still be able to still see him at morning tea and lunch and I also knew i could make new friends in my class room 7 thing was very excited for that. So far we have done PE, woodwork/technocraft and practicing for athletics! So my teachers name is Mr Kauone. If you weren’t working and being silly he will call us a noodle but he’s just joking around and we all know that. He also has a stash of some of his favourite  chocolate bars which is peanut slabs. So now I am going to talk about how i am doing in my maths and a lot of other working tasks we have done. So in maths we have a way of doing are maths so im in room 5 with my maths and thats level 4 and it is the highest math group and I am very happy that i am in that class. We also have technocraft classes we have 2 technocraft sessions and im am in woodwork and I am pretty sure that there is 6 technocraft classes. – Jayden